Sunday, February 20, 2011

Honda Fit Recall

Honda announced on 17 February 2011 that They has identified a  problem at the Several  Model of Honda in United States ,
one of them are Honda Fit.
The problem involves the driver's master power-window switch. It can overheat and cause fire when it makes contact with "excessive" liquid, Honda says, like a heavy rain, for example. Seven such incidents have been confirmed in the US, none causing human harm, says Honda spokeswoman Christina Ra.
Honda Will be Recall All The Model Of Honda Fit production 2009 and 2010.The Number Of Honda Fit will be Recalled In United States About 97.201
For Honda Fit owners who get into trouble, starting this March could bring to the authorized repair shop and repairs done for free.
"Once they receive notification by mail, lived to preach, can pass on-line or telephone, when to come to the garage,"said Honda.


used honda Element Santa Clara said...

But I'm not getting more information about this Honda Fit. Please specify more in your upcoming posts.