Friday, February 18, 2011

Jaguar C-X75

According to AutoWeek Reports That New Car Jaguar C-X75 as Substitute Supersportcar Previously, XJ-220 will be produced Approximately 2,000 Units /Year, reported the group will soon Manufactured In Early 2012 or 2013.
Jaguar Will Produce Two Product Classes,
High Class and Lower Class.High Class Versi Surely More Luxurious and More Sophisticated technology will only produce about 2.000 Units a Year, while Lower Class Version Only Produced about 1,000 units a Year.

Divided into two classes because Produced Separately. For High Class Version Assembled using automation tools with more expensive prices, while the Lower Class Version Assembled using hand and of course use the tools that are cheaper.
Non-turbine model ready for production, the possibility of not using mikroturbin gas to drive generators that would charge the battery and electric motor. It is estimated that still use conventional Engine .Cause, for gas turbines have to wait a long time, about five Until seven years.
"We're discussing and it takes the fastest time of three or four years of implementing the turbine technology for grafted on the car," says Tony Harper, Head of Development Department of the Jaguar engine.
Development costs for manufactured gas turbine can be used as motor fuel (gasoline engine) will cost 10 million U.S. dollars.
Harper also believes that the gas turbine can be engineered to prove the reliability and durability in accordance with the standard use of the car. "There are many possible problems encountered, although fewer components than conventional machines," he explained.