Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BMW I - The Electrical High End Car of the Future

Global car giant BMW has released the details of its new sub company and brand. This is the brand that will take care of their new hybrid and electrical powered cars. This is a massive statement of intent that the prestigious car manufacturer is looking into the new power source in a big way.
The BMW brand has stated its intention to focus on new sustainable mobility source. It has been rumored that the new models will be named the i3 and i8 and are set for release to the market in 2013. BMW are however hoping that this new brand will grow rapidly and have showed their intent to back the project. They have recently set up a new venture capital vehicle in New York and have placed the massive sum of $100m as a slush fund for the new launch.

The BMW spokesperson said that the new BMW i has been set up to offer visionary cars and services. Their design and technical make up will be base around inspiration and a new concept of premium mobility. The main focus of the new BMW i will be on long term sustainability and new energy options.

The i3 will be a bold step for the global car giant and will be the first all electric car built for the urban environment. It has been murmured that the new models will use a similar driveline to the design of the 1 series which is a very impressive design. The i3 and i8 have been previewed by the companies top brass and the project is moving at pace.

The company has designed a completely new construction method which again is a bold step and they have dubbed this process Life Drive architecture. This new technology produces a new extremely low weight platform which will cancel out the heavy weight of the lithium ion batteries.

The new models will be a huge leap forward for the sustainability car market and hopefully will push forward the number of cars on the market.