Monday, March 28, 2011

Honda CRV Vs Toyota Fortuner

People who are considering a Honda CRV would contemplate a Toyota Fortuner, and vice versa with someone who is interested in the Fortuner. This is because both are similarly priced and seem to considerably similar too in terms of performance and features. But let's take a look at how they are different.
Let's set aside the debate on whether Honda is the better brand or Toyota but focus on the particular model, because each person has his or her say on which brand is the more reliable and so on. For starters, Honda CRV is smaller than the Toyota Fortuner in terms of size. This is pretty obvious and so should be a point of consideration when you trying to decide between these two models. The CRV fits 5 passengers in comfortably while the Fortuner takes up to 7 people. If you don't need that extra space and size, then you can opt for the Honda CRV.
Next, think about your needs and where you'd be doing most of the driving. The Honda CRV serves a purpose of a sedan and is more passenger-friendly, The CRV should be your choice if you are just going to go around the city or are just looking at getting a family car that isn't your average sedan. Driving and riding in a CRV is more comfortable compared to a Fortuner.

On the other hand is the Fortuner which is an off road SUV. If you are going to be doing off road driving and need a vehicle that performs almost like a truck, then the Fortuner would be for you. It has great ground clearance, is powerful enough and does well at tackling difficult roads. Driving in bumpy conditions is a breeze in the Fortuner. However, if you are thinking about going a little faster and ferrying the family around, this probably isn't your best choice. The Fortuner is tall and thus high speed handling can be tricky. The aged and children will find difficulty getting in and out of the vehicle as well. Both models however have great interiors and exteriors, so this isn't a point of contemplation.

And then, there is the resale value. Some market experts say that the Fortuner will have a better resale value than the Honda CRV. But then, if you aren't looking to change your ride in the near future, this shouldn't be a problem. After all, resale value shouldn't be one of the main issues to consider when getting a vehicle but instead they should be the features, performance and functions. But let's compare the prices. There isn't much differentiation in this area - the CRV has a starting price from RM150k while the Fortuner costs about RM168k.

It all boils down to your needs, will you be tackling off roads or just driving on the city's roads? The answer to this question will enable you to make a decision.


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