Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hollywood Stars First Cars

Some of today's most famous actors once owned cars that were anything but glamorous. Johnny Depp, for instance, made a Chevy Nova his first car. Not only that, but he ended up living in the tiny automobile for several months before landing his first lucrative acting role.
Michael Cera, who is known for his unique movie roles, selected the ultra-reliable Toyota Corolla as his first vehicle. Clearly, Cera hasn't earned his first million when he headed to the car dealership for the first time!

Given how fabulously wealthy he is today, nobody could guess that mega-celebrity Tom Cruise's first car was a humdrum Dodge Colt. These days, Cruise owns a bevy of flash sports cars and can opt to be chauffeured around whenever the mood strikes.

While he entertains millions every night with his popular talk show, Jay Leno had to work his way up just like everyone else. The late-night talk show star used to sleep behind comedy clubs in his first vehicle, which was a 1955 Buick Roadmaster. He still owns the car and keeps it in mint condition.